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Clay Clay Water Bottle the Natures gift to drink the pure water. By storage the water in Clay Clay Water Bottle will be purified & chill. Clay bottle will be very useful in summer seasons.

Terracotta Clay Water Bottle


We are Wholesaler and Exporter of Clay Clay Water Bottle Products at the best price. Clay Clay Water Bottle play a major role in our life.Traditionally, Clay Clay Water Bottle is believed to be gentle on the throat and better than drinking chilled water from the fridge. You may find family members suggesting you only drink water from a Clay Clay Water Bottle so that you don't fall sick Terracotta Clay Clay Water Bottle

Water stored in Terracotta Clay Clay Water Bottle is cooled to about 14 degrees Celsius and is said to have a refreshing flavour. Many find the temperature of the water ideal for drinking - not too warm and not too chilled.

Exclusive designs Flawless performance Eco friendly We are the renowned SUPPLIERS and offering finely-crafted bottle Water Pots.

Clay Water Bottle

These are made from the finest-grade raw materials under stringent qualitycontrols. Terracotta Clay Water Bottle, we are offering these to our customer at a MARKET price.Today many more diseases are spreading through water.By using our clay pots you can come over such diseases.

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